new emcrusting machine developed by food machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
CA is the new emcrusting machine developed by PROFESSIONAL TEAM for the production of packed shortbread biscuits. Because of its construction in stainless steel and aluminium, MAGICA is actually a solid and trustworthy machine. The engines at variable pace and also the many equipment make achievable producing a variety of biscuits with product or jam filling. 


Metal, stainless steel and aluminium structure, assembled on wheels

Stainless-steel panelling amd structure parts.

Dough extruder with two toothed rollers at adjustable velocity

Pump motor system equipment kind for satisfying at varied speed

Shuttingslicing gadget 1-row shutter kind at variable pace and Goods electric outlet belt at variable pace

Auto discharging in the items on trays by retractile belt program. Auto modification of the quantity of lines as well as the phasing from the goods discharging on to holder and Containers conveyor in stainless steel and aluminium with adjustable standing up ft and trays piling device

Max production: 3800 pieces/hour -Electro-pneumatic

operating: 220V 60Hz

Electrical n: 1.5 kW

The machine special inteams:
Flexibility: without or with some optional accessories which is a variety of items can be recognized;

Simplicity of use and maintenance: because of a basic manage panel with a multifunction show;

Foods hygiene and safety: encrusting machines created with no edges or “lifelessfactors and in accordance with the rules in force 

concerning the use of materials in touch with meals stuff; possibility of complete or partial disassembly from the components for cleaning;

Steady technical modernizing: testing and use of more and more powerful and reliable electronic parts and 

continuous improving of the technicians. Designs expecting the regulations concerned with machinery for handling meals 

things and with basic safety gadgets.

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