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The evening of August 18, suspended three months later, leader in rotogravure printing and packaging – Matsunori shares news on the announced. It proposed cash and buying a stake in Daewoo jingdiao technology limited, Shenzhen 100%. And issuing shares to raise matching funds. After the restructuring is completed, the company will be involved in automation, intelligent dedicated equipment and industrial robots, service.
4, the night of November 26 announcement again Orient Seiko Corporation on November 26, and Foshan new Schindler robot systems Ltd and its shareholders signed a framework agreement on investment both Schindler 20% equity share of the company profits for the initial consultations and signed a letter of intent. According to the announcement, the subject of our company produce and automatic polishing robot, automatic welding robots, automatic packing robots, automatic handling robots and automatic metal processing equipment. Products are widely used in polishing, grinding, welding, handling, painting, Assembly and other fields, accumulated a include Nissan, Fuji Kang, midea group, gree and so many customers.
In addition, cloud printing manufacturer Evergreen shares the same adjusted to 4.0 earlier transformation industries, also in terms of intelligent equipment is in the forefront of the industry. Throughout the industry, removing Bobst, boké overseas giants such as machinery, such as Shanghai Dragon, Shanghai Shanghai Yao Chang, Xu Heng Seiko, and Taiwan Ming guangwei, mainland China and Taiwan’s main leader back in the intelligent equipment, including carton production line has been successful, integration of prepress production.
In the area of intelligent plant, production control systems, logistics systems, and product quality inspection system would be a very important part in industrial 4.0, manufacturers of these systems will be more and more attention, especially in recent years, online testing equipment products rise like mushrooms, and is developing rapidly.The quality of equipment is also increasing, which have a tendency to catch up with overseas packaging equipment.

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