New century for the manufacturering

Germany recently signed “industrial 4.0” strategic partnership framework, the industry view, signing of the above-mentioned cooperation framework. It showing top 4.0 upgrade to the machine manufacturing sector with strong support, and that industrial rose 4.0 to a national strategic level is the probability of the event.
“Industrial 4.0” is not a neologism. Before 2011, three Germany, Professor at the Hanover fair presented “industry 4.0” initiative next year, Siemens and Germany enterprises involved, full featured and actively participated in last spring, the Federal Government released the industrial strategic planning white paper recommendations 4.0, tries to ensure Germany manufacturing industry’s leadership in the future. A few days ago, in equipment innovation in China enterprises in 2014 annual meeting, Germany officials assured Conference participants detailed the latest 4.0 technology development in industry, caused a huge reaction.
Industrial core 4.0 is a system: physical information system CPS; two themes: intelligent factory intelligent production; the three integrated: the value of horizontal integration, across the full value chain network end to end digital integration, networking projects of the vertically integrated manufacturing system.
“Industrial 4.0” is seen as boosting Germany powerful catalysts for manufacturing, and is believed to be the direction of the future development of global manufacturing. As the demographic bonus disappears, reduced labour supply, rising labor costs and a new generation of labour decline in manufacturing employment intention, on the international competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry is a great constraint. “Industrial 4.0” is using the Internet to activate traditional industrial processes, greatly reducing dependence on labour in manufacturing, more meet the user’s individual requirements, reduced the circulation cost low.
In industrial 4.0 topics, “intelligent factory” focuses on intelligent production systems and processes. And implementation of the distributed production facilities. “Smart” mainly related to production logistics management which across the enterprise, human-computer interaction, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology application in the industrial production process.
From the “industrial 4.0” sorting out the chain, the middle reaches of the intelligent plant General contractors promising, mastering the core know-how, but also intelligent direct beneficiaries of the rise of the factory pattern, and coming from the packaging and printing industry has listed companies in succession before the various announcements can be seen, many packaging manufacturers have layouts in advance “industrial 4.0”.
1, June 23, orient Seiko announcement, Jia Teng robotic automation company and the Guangdong company limited and its 6 shareholders entered into an investment agreement, plans to own funds 49.12 million Yuan Jia Teng robot 20% equity subscription. Subject matter promised over the next three years is not less than 10 million, respectively, in net profit of 16 million dollars, 35 million dollars, and will be available until the end of 2019 achieve. Orient Seiko focus on the smart design of the corrugated packaging plants, research and development, production and sales, Jia Teng robot in robot Intelligence leader in logistics.
2, and June 29 evening, suspension two months more than of Jingshan light machine released set increased plans displayed: intends to cash and issued shares combines way, total 450 million purchased Wang Wei, and Ye Xinghua, and Dai Huanchao, and contact, and Jin Xuehong, and Chi Zewei, and Shenzhen City Rui de letter investment management limited total holds of Huizhou three Association 100% of equity, which issued shares purchased 86.5% equity, remaining 13.5% equity to cash paid, and raised supporting funds 150 million. Statistics, Huizhou Sankyo was established in 2001. It is mainly engaged in industrial automation, product development, production and sales of precision devices.

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