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A stretch wrap machine for wrapping something comprising basics, a change table in the basic for spinning this product, a supply of stretch wrap connected to the basic, plus a wrapping set up set up to give an end of your stretch wrap higher than the merchandise, minimize the stretch wrap with a situation above the item following the product continues to be covered or maintain a conclusion in the stretch wrap at a place above the product or service since the turntable commences turning the merchandise.

Industry Of Your Technology

The present technology concerns stretch wrap machines, plus more notably relates to stretch wrap equipment with a leading corner film exchange.


Wrapping equipment happen to be produced for wrapping plastic-type material film close to items with a pallet to secure the items for shipping and the like. Identified wrapping models feature a film dispenser mounted on an arm to turn regarding the pallet and thereby wrap the items about the pallet. The film dispenser will also be installed for straight travel to ensure that the film is twisted throughout the components of a spiral approach.

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