More information about steel tube packaging.

A coil wrapping machine for wrapping a generally toroidal body having a opening therethrough by having an elongated length of wrapping material has supports for a body to become wrapped using the central axis of the opening with the body in a predetermined position along with a shuttle for carrying a spool of wrapping material and for the controlled dispensing of the wrapping material. A wrapping frame has four transfer assemblies being positional with the opening within the body. The transfer assemblies include first and second transfer assemblies each getting rails for receiving the shuttle at one side and driving the shuttle towards the opposite sides of the rectangular array. Third and fourth transfer assemblies have a shuttle carrier and method for driving the shuttle carrier from one side of the transfer assembly to another side thereof, the third and fourth transfer assemblies being situated at opposite sides from the rectangular array and interconnecting ends from the first and second transfer assemblies. The shuttle carriers are each modified to get a shuttle in the rails of among the first and second transfer assemblies, carry the shuttle along the length of the one of the third and fourth transfer assemblies for conveyance towards the carrier on the other third and fourth transfer assemblies while dispensing wrapping material to wrap the coil.

This invention pertains to a machine for coil wrapping an web of paper or film around a never-ending coil or even the like, particularly a coil of metal strip, and also to this type of machine which transfers an web spool from one part of the machine to anther.

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