Model of stretch wrapping machine

Specialized in horizontal stretch wrapper and packaging machinery, transportation machinery manufacturing and sales of professional packaging enterprises, Shanghai packaging industry backbone enterprises. Over the years has been committed to the progress and development of the packaging industry. To further meet the domestic and keeping pace with the day of the competition in the international market to adapt, the company relies on the university scientific research strength, and actively absorb advanced technology and concepts at home and abroad, has introduced a series of stretch wrapper and packaging products. Such as automatic winding machine, known as the heavy winding machine, semi automatic stretch film wrapping machine, pipe wrapping machine, winding machine, the ring body steel coil wrapping machine, winding machine, tire rubber hose winding machine, winding machine, cantilever pipe winding machine, high speed winding machine, turning machine, mold turning machine, steel coil, turn turn turn the stone, 180 degree turning machine, machine, hot air circulation type heat shrink packaging machine, and automated assembly line etc..
Model stretch wrapping machine–WF800
The width of strip W is less than or equal to 800mm
Strip the outer diameter 700mm = OD = 1600mm
The strip of ID inner diameter is less than or equal to 600mm
Packaging material web shaped composite tape W=90mm (or other winding material)
The ring body speed V is less than or equal to 40r/min (frequency modulation)
Roller bearing 6000kg (can aggravate)
Overlapping range of arbitrary overlap (adjustable)
The total power of about 10kw
The voltage / frequency of 3 380V/50Hz
The weight of about 6000kg
The basic characteristics of
With PLC microcomputer control.
Using the HMI touch screen operation.
Automatic / manual work mode selection.
Frequency control, can adjust freely the overlap of packing belt.
The operation is simple, the touch input products outside diameter, inside diameter, width, the system will automatically adjust the corresponding packing parameter.

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