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“By making use of the IndraDrive Mi engine/drives, we decreased our linkages as well as other stretch wrapping machine elements by 60 percent in comparison to previous models,” mentioned Bob Stockus, Super Packaging vice president. “Our wiring price has gone straight down about 40 % and our time for area wires on your own has dropped forty percent.”

At the heart of the Veronica cartoner is situated the Rexroth XLC motion reasoning controller, adding synchronized action on every axis in addition to reasoning encoding. The IndraMotion XLC is surely an advanced machine automation software program platform and features a wide range of open interfaces, such as Sercos III,PROFIBUS and PROFINET, and EtherNet/Ip address. The Veronica machine uses Sercos III for its communication shuttle, guaranteeing restricted, efficient servo synchronization and control over multiple machine features.

During operation, wrappingsnacks are moved through the two upstream circulation stretch wrapping machines for the cartoning machine by using an likely conveyor exclusively created to raise these products to the amount of the Veronica’s transfer buckle.

The Veronica immediately erects a carton and closes the low finish. There are 8-10 manned stretch wrapping machine packing stations, with four on either side in the machine. Each carton is transported earlier these stations as staff put the necessary variety of covered sandwiches to the carton, that the Veronica immediately closes after the carton is full.

simplicity and Speed

One of the key reasons Kangaroo chose the Veronica was the speed and simplicity of changeovers to different carton sizes, according to Rice. “During a normal work week, we might execute 16 to 18 carton changeovers for many different customers,” Rice said. “It usually only will take 10 to 15 moments to do, and we’ve educated several different associates to utilize the touch screen human being machine user interface (HMI) to accomplish the changeover.”

The HMI consists of a Rexroth VCP 35 terminal with a 10-in color touchscreen, which provides full machine user management. Rexroth’s XLC L25 Manage will be the status-of-the-art hardware platform that is programmed using the IndraWorks computer software collection. The IndraWorks software program is a unified engineering structure that provides the tools and environment for task programming, planning, diagnostics and commissioning.

The XLC L25 is actually a cost-effective system that makes use of the latest IEC 61131-C compliant Rexroth IndraLogic 2G kernel and will support as much as 16 real or online machine axes. This allows it to control both the Veronica and the exterior conveyor feeding the machine. If Kangaroo needs to do so in the future, the modular Rexroth IndraDrive Mi configuration also allows for a new axis of motion to be added to the machine with minimal effort.

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