Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China

Modern industrial packaging machine industry in China the overall level is not high, self-development ability is still relatively weak compared with high levels of other industrialized countries, there is a big gap. Reflecting this gap is one of the main symbols, is an industry-wide level difference – the current standard rate of China packaging standards using international standards only about 50%, “standard is not reasonable and perfect standard is not systematic enough coordination between emphasizing form and poor maneuverability.”

Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China is uneven, this mold is a significant impact on the accuracy and quality of and the country has a very large gap, China’s packaging industry standardization level needs to be enhanced. Analysts said that China’s packaging industry demand is relatively large, needs to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure, so that China’s packaging industry to overseas markets remains to be deepened.

Industry persons also revealed, currently, China are planning construction “world packaging industry Center”, construction world package headquarters, and civil-military fusion development, and science development, and trade logistics, and culture creative, and packaging equipment, and packaging materials, and agricultural processing packaging, focus base; implementation world package Institute, and world package University, and high-end packaging products, and advanced packaging equipment, and packaging materials, 18 a focus project, which by world packaging center group led of “world packaging industry Center” will joint private, and foreign and SOE common investment, For the global investment, investment expected to exceed 120 billion yuan.

Center for China in the future to become a truly global packaging industry, on the need to pursue “green package” in addition to increase the voice of China packaging industry in the world and rule-making authority.

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