manufacturer for coil packaging machine at shanghai

Shanghai Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is manufacturer for coil packaging machine, grain packaging machines, powder packing machine, automatic granule packing machine, semi automatic powder filling machine, semi-automatic liquid filling machine, full automatic weighing and packing system, triangle bag automatic packing machine, wire mesh triangle tea bag packing machine.The machine and other products equipment of spiral vibration the development, production, sales of domestic leading enterprises, the annual sales reached more than 1000 Taiwan, after many years of efforts, products have been widely used in food, medicine, chemical metering and packaging, environmental protection, feed and other industries. Also designed dozens of kinds of non-standard equipment for the labor costs of enterprises to reduce craving. Because professional so knowledgeable, sales and production of the same location, the machine was convenient for the new old customer consultation.Welcome to test machine and visit!

The scope of application:

Widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, such as: automatic quantitative packing Dousha Xian, Lian Rongxian, fish meat stuffing, stuffing, stuffing, melon fruit fruit sauce, peanut sauce, chili sauce, salad sauce, cheese, soy sauce, white wine, peanut oil, mineral water, liquid medicine and non food detergent, fluid, lubricating grease semi fluid.

Including the entire packaging system:

1, coil packaging machine

2, a conveying pipeline

3, Fight Code Machine

4, the rotor pump

5, a movable hopper

6, a small conveyor belt

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