making use of thermoformed stretc wrapper packaging

Introduced at Pack Expo, Closed Air’s Cryovac Changed Atmosphere stretch wrapper packaging (MAP) technology traps o2 being a new method to dramatically lengthen shelf-life for top quality and specialized cooked items.

Sealed Air took a different tack using active barrier film technology that traps oxygen within the film rather than scavenge it, though oxygen absorbers have been used for years as a modified atmosphere stretc wrapper packaging technique. The result is an effective approach to expand the shelf life for baked goods making use of thermoformed stretc wrapper packaging.

Designed to decrease spoilage for preservative-free of charge, whole-grain, gluten-free and other substantial-finish, specialized bakery items which can be vunerable to mildew, Cryovac MAP for Bakery can lengthen product shelf life from traditional 1-2 few days timeframes to a lot more than 40 days and nights. The bundle mixes Sealed Air’s Cryovac Freshness In addition energetic buffer motion pictures with carbon dioxide nitrogen and dioxide fuel-flush processing.

The company’s presentation area got displayed (shown) the initial market introduction: Gluten-totally free bread with 40 days’ shelf-life from Franz Bakery in Seattle, WA. Right after semi-firm thermoform stretc wrapper packaging, the merchandise is overwrapped inside a traditional breads place.

According to Kari Dawson-Ekeland, director of packaging machine marketing, center of store for Sealed Air’s Food Care Division, another benefit is a label cleaner of preservatives.

The products are Guide-packaged 2-up using Reiser Repak thermoform/load/seal stretch wrapping machinery.

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