machining equipment for automatic loading

Unlod is the automatic loading and unloading system for horizontal stretch wrapper is suitable for the automated factory robots, by the industrial robot with various CNC machining equipment for automatic loading and unloading, a flexible manufacturing system, greatly improve the production efficiency.
Function characteristics of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper
?? Can use Yan style robots or serial robot
?? Can be arranged according to the inverted mode of independent type, goods font, a font,
?? Can stand-alone baiting or multiple machines simultaneously loading and unloading
?? Flexible to adapt to different production
?? Equipped with safety protection system
Customer value
?? Increasing the flexibility of production, improve production efficiency
?? The optimization of production processes, improve product quality
?? Workers to improve the operation safety
?? Reduced dependence on workers
Vacuum coating cold water machine, cold water machine special coating machine
Vacuum coating cold water machine can be divided into the air-cooled chiller and water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller with heat preservation water tank and a water pump in which body, without adding another cooling water tower to heat, installation and removal is very convenient, but it has the requirement of working environment, because it is hot air circulating refrigeration and, so, if the installation workshop ventilation effect is not good, will directly affect the effect of refrigeration of water chiller. Hotline: 188-1766-7889
Vacuum coating cold water machine, cold water machine features of special horizontal orbital stretch wrapper machine;
1, high-quality compressor as cold vacuum coating machine heart (European and American date of origin of new imported compressor built-in security agency), low noise, energy saving and durable.
Automatic water supply device 2, evaporator built-in, save engineering in the installation of the expansion water tank is convenient to install and maintain, is suitable for the large temperature difference small flow and other special occasions. The water tank to the technological expansion is good, has the characteristics of small thermal resistance, high heat transfer coefficient, heat transfer performance is excellent.
3, making use of the latest high condenser external thread copper pipe, large amount of radiation, small size. The use of the latest CAD/CAM processing technology, with CNC machining center completed, compact structure, high reliability, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving.
4, film packing machine, vacuum coating cold water machine configuration: configuration chip control system for horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, built-in compressor dry filter and expansion valves, repair hand valve interface device,  ensure the stretch wrapping machine in the hangfangbian reliable safety shipped the maintenance repair. Compressor starting protection, refrigeration pump, cooling pump overload and indicating lamp compressor overload protection, motor reversal protection and indicator lamp compressor overload protection. Indicating lamp, refrigerant shortage protecting and indicating lamp, refrigerant pressure safety valve bad heat protection, fault alarm and indicator light indicating lamp etc..

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