Machine lockpop music

All the company’s products, serious economic, environmental and customer satisfaction issues need to be considered. Because transportation costs more than $1 billion a year. Consumer satisfaction has also had a significant negative impact because of damaged goods and delivery delays.

So how do you solve this problem? Machine lock’popular! L N ‘POP for their use of slide, Angle plate, packing bag and stretch film, allows the company to reduce or even to eliminate, at the same time increase the stability of the pallet load has also been improved in the process of transportation, lock N’ P can be used alone, can also work with the stretch packaging, is a kind of environmental friendly adhesives, more cost effective, this also let it heat melt more security, it is to use the compact, cheap, almost no free maintenance equipment, the safety of each box can be locked to ensure that P, parcel from inside to outside can easily POP up, simply ascend, transport damage also is almost eliminated, because P shear strength is produced to make the package from lateral to the other side, it will not tear the packing because five formula designed for box, bag, and frozen packing design, and work on most types of surface, and can not leave any visible or sticky residue.

The role of locks is to protect your goods as well as protect our environment. Machine lock’P is environmentally friendly, and less energy can be produced without the need for post-processing byproducts. Reduce the loss of profits and employee injury of extra time, all of us can continue to help you, is because of the simple application method, the characteristics of low material cost and environmental friendly, drop box and the impact of transportation damage, correct formula and equipment are all we have, so no matter your business size, no matter you use which kinds of carton, also can realize, each kind of type and size of operation can adapt. Save the product, save money, save the earth is the natural log. P wants to help and realize

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