Machine depending upon the pitches being considering the wrapping

Preferably, implies are given for applying a cementing fluid to protected the longitudinal employed strips towards the flrst helically employed strip. For this purpose a tubular diamond ring |45 is if at all possible disposed concerning the tubing 4 surrounding the availability rolls 91. This engagement ring is if at all possible placed on suitable works with |41 guaranteed on the brackets 96. A duct |48 communicates between the container ||4 and band |46, and a suitable pump |49 interposed within the duct |48 is if at all possible presented for sup– plying the liquid towards the ring under stress. Any ideal indicates may be useful for driving a vehicle the Dispose of.

A plurality of discharge nozzles |5| are offered about the ring |45 to immediate the iiuid between your longitudinally employed strips 99 along with the helical wrapping. Since the pipe rI is moving forward, the fluid is immediately covered by the strips 99, so that little if any of the fluid is lost. 05 to the longitudinally applied strips 99 if desirable. For this specific purpose a substance using indicates, preferably similar1 to this explained for applying the substance to the pipemay be utilized. In this case the supporting forearms 96 can be lengthened as well as the coat |01 disposed regarding the water pipe in between the guide rollers 98 and displaying 94. Of course the wiping heads |09 would be built to accord together with the increased diameter as a result of overlying Wrappings’. This apparatus is not really proven due to the fact it could be substantially a duplicate of the things had been defined in detail.

Operations-An owner adapts the speed from the rotors 54 in accordance with the tubing 4 to present the required overlap towards the helical wrapping; and after that units the manual rollers 14 to direct the strip resources 13 and 05 for the pipe with the desired perspectives, based upon the pitches to be due to the helical wrappings. The machine is then started off. 2 I; the pump action being suiiciently slow to allow the pipe to move thru the jacket before the fluid spills over the lower edges of the wiping heads. The water pipe is now transferred ahead thru the uid coat |01 through the water pipe shifting means or generate belts 9. `As the tubing is moved from the straps 9 -the action of the slip belt 44 enables the conveyor chain 38 to decelerate to accord with the tube motion. Every time a water pipe passes by out from proposal with the conveyor chain, nevertheless, the conveyor quickly accelerates to bring up a new pipe in opposition to it.

When the water pipe actually gets to the inside of the first rotor 54 the machine is halted as well as the strip 13 is threaded through the bottomof the reel and round the information curler 14, and after that it is provided a change about the pipe on the picked pitch and overlap and protected by any appropriate implies. The water pipe is then able to shift forward on the manual rollers 98, after which the pieces 99 in the supplementary moves 91 are moving on the pipe beneath the pressure guide rollers and protected in.


location by any ideal indicates.

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