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It began during the early 2010 with the application of TwinCAT from Beckhoff Automation. “Incorporating Laptop or computer-centered management hardware and software authorized a more versatile strategy to update our machines with out clashing with all the current machine manages since we migrated more than,” says Fabri-Kal Electric Engineer Dale Michaels.

Nowadays, TwinCAT computer software watches creation on all cut push machine lines in all 3 plants owned by the business, such as: pressure and temperature melting, heating and monitoring the plastic-type material to accurate temps, and preparing it for molding. All conclusion-of-generation-line toned presses through all Fabri-Kal services are regularly watched by Beckhoff Laptop or computer-based manages, checking the position of your machines and manufacturing details when done item is emerging off of the line. “I required a powerful control process that also allowed versatile online connectivity on the great deal of products we now have in your plant life. With TwinCAT software, Fabri-Kal accomplished that although effectively saving large amounts of information in a SQL data base,” says Michaels.

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In terms of equipment, the upgraded machine lines are equipped with lightweight FHP-400 and FHP-300 Inlaid Computers. The two controllers are fanless and utilize sound state memory. The FHP-400 comes with a 1.5 GHz Intel? Core? i7 dual-primary Processor for top efficiency from a DIN rail-installed controller. The FHP-300 and FHP-400 Inserted PCs also enjoy a sizable position in offering temperatures monitoring and control during the mildew developing method. As well as serving as the motion and automation control, the Inlayed PCs are specifically associated with EtherCAT Terminals, which constitute the I/O system. With microsecond-level interaction overall performance, the manufacturing Ethernet system EtherCAT? permits Fabri-Kal to increase boost machine functionality when it comes to automation, I/O, and movements manage. Feature built-in filtering that helps prevent electrical noise from affecting the system, although for the motion system, an increasing number of Fabri-Kal lines feature AX5000 series EtherCAT servo drives that not only add speed and high precision. The I/O drives and stations over the lines are connected through EK1100 EtherCAT Couplers to spread the I/O all over Fabri-Kal machines, offering real-time info handling and diagnostics through the functioning. This could directly reduce uncooked materials utilization and market more expensive merchandise quality.

At Fabri-Kal, heat is undoubtedly a key factor for the thermoforming production of higher-high quality plastic-type merchandise. Considering that the integration in the Inlaid Personal computers and EtherCAT thermocouple I/O modules, their improved solutions can easily behave in actual-time and energy to adjust temp amounts consequently, guaranteeing the best possible temperature ranges for powerful, great-high quality product or service result. With true-time electronic and analogue info purchase, Fabri-Kal can proficiently and effectively deal with all process and system information compiled from the thermoforming machines.

To put together extensive power consumption info, the most important aspect in deciding whether or not a center is energy-productive or otherwise not, Fabri-Kal uses Beckhoff EL3403 EtherCAT strength dimension terminals. These terminals monitor the power transformers at Fabri-Kal plants and track electrical usage by the hour. “In the foreseeable future I want to install more EL3403 terminals on other areas of the machines that ingest power,” affirms Michaels. Given that includingEtherCAT and TwinCAT, and Embedded Laptop or computer technology to their machine lines, Fabri-Kal can more effortlessly check and look after machine line performance and data handling to forward their goals of retaining their eco-friendly facilities in maximum, vitality-preserving order.


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