Machine and coiling

Design basis for automatic hose coiling machine


  1. Workpiece
Tricycle andWheel chairframe
  1. Material
Steel & Iron
  1. Maximumhanging sizeforeachhanger
1200mm × 500mm × 800mm
  1. Loadingcapacity
  1. Suggested interval between 2hangers
  1. Conveyorspeed
1m/min (Adjustable control)
  1. Output
200-250pcsper hour
  1. Spraying method
4 autosprayguns & 2manual sprayguns
  1. Heating source
Electricityor Oil
  1. Units




ü  Heatpressurized alkalinewash.Washsolutiontemperature:100to130degreeCelsius.Dwell time 3to4 minutes

ü  Cold pressurized clear rinse.Dwell time 2to2½ minutes

ü  Heated pressurized IronPhosphateBath

ü  Cold pressurized clear rinse.Dwell time 2to2½ minutes

ü  SealerRinse or Heatedpressurized clear rinse.Dwell time is 2to2½ minutes


Process flow


  1. Feed frame of tricycle and wheelchair
  2. Degreasing stage(50-60Celsiusfor2mins)
  3. Rinsing stage(Room temperaturefor1 min)
  4. Phosphating stage(50-60 Celsiusfor2mins)
  5. Rinsingstage(Room temperaturefor1-2mins)
  6. Drying off oven to remove surface moisture(100-120 Celsiusfor10 mins)
  7. Powder application with spray guns
  8. Powder curing (200-300Celsiusfor20mins)
  9. finished product discharging


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