logistics palletizing robot and packaging

Power profile: AC220V50Hz0.75KW
Maximum package weight: 2000KG
Turntable motor power: 0.37KW
Max packing height: 2100 mm
Motor power: 0.18KW
Stretch film inner diameter: 76 mm
Rotating speed: 0-12/min
Turntable diameter: 1500mm
Film frame lifting speed: 3.2 m/min
Turntable height: 80 mm
Control mode: PLC controller, interface control
Film: resistance stretching
Dimensions: L2400*W1500*H2100 (mm)
Weight: 580KG

Control adopts PLC control, human-machine interface set
Photoelectric automatic cargo height
Turntable and turntable uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation of soft startup and slow stop.
Tension adopts magnetic clutch that users can vary according to the characteristics and needs,
Adjust film tension, in order to achieve the best fit, coil packaging line requirements
Advanced Chinese 1, touch-screen control, easy operation;
2, product packaging, printing date once complete. To save you time and cost savings;
3, optimize the design, Assembly and disassembly, cleaning more convenient;
4 independent, transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control, better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;
5, intelligent design, and without material, do not pack the empty Pack;
Suitable for coil packaging line products
Puffed food, sweets, pistachios, dried fruit, fodder and other solid product packaging.

Packaging materials: OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE composite
Bag size: 80-300mm (l), 50-200mm (w)
Measuring range: 150-1200ml
Packing speed: 5-60Bags/min
Elida packaging machinery limited company specializing in the research and development of packaging machinery/materials and automated assembly line.
Main products has: automatically playing Charter, and mobile type electric PET with bundle Charter, and from buckle steel with playing Charter, and pneumatic steel with playing Charter, and manual from buckle steel with strapping machine, and hot contraction packaging machine, and l type seal machine, and automatic cuffs type packaging machine, and portable gas airbrush, and carton opened box machine, and automatically seal box machine, and automatically boxing machine, and logistics palletizing robot, and pneumatic nail box machine, and stretch film winding machine, and tray wrapped Charter, and automation packaging line, and belt conveying machine, and assembly line, and vacuum packaging machine, and outside pumping type vacuum machine, and posted body packaging machine , And sucking plastic packaging sealing machine, and film sealing machine, and automatically origami machine, and automatically spray yards machine, and electric playing yards machine, and metal electrification playing marked machine, and electric corrosion mark machine, and cans seal cover machine, and plastic bottle lock cover machine, and liquid/cream body irrigation installed, and automatically posted label machine, and protection film reply film machine, and automatically posted film machine, and automatically conveying sewing Charter, and portable seal Charter, and buffer cushion manufacturing machine, and site sent bubble buffer packaging equipment, and industrial carton expanded machine, and hot melt glue machine, and steel with scissors, and spring balance device, and vacuum sucking hanging handling equipment, and automatically measurement packaging machine, and Automatically Xia material packaging machine, and electromagnetic induction foil sealing machine, and printed word packaging with, and PET packaged for coil wrapping machine, and printed word sealing glue, and winding film, and hot contraction film, and tape playing Charter, and nylon bundled machine, and pedal back cover machine, and tape cutting device, and Kraft coated water glue paper machine, and high frequency plastic melt received machine, and film bundle Charter, and manual bundle film device, and II unity hot contraction machine, and hand pressure sealing machine, and pedal sealing machine, and pneumatic sealing machine, and label stripping machine, and label distributor, and ultrasonic hose seal tail coil packaging machine, and laser playing marked machine, and laser spray yards machine, and Automatic folding machine, bookbinding machines, electric power-assisted robot, automatic weight detection tape cutting machine, hot melt adhesives and packaging machinery parts.

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