Load orbital stretch wrapper and wrapping machine


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


1. According our experience,the machine wrapped coils are very tight,and there are overlapping gaps between the films.
It’s very difficult to tear off the film.You can also wrap for more layers if one layer is not well enough.
2. Orbital stretch wrapper with Wrapping film:yes,different types of film can be used, LLDPE,PE,PVC, no matter it’s clinging or not.
One-sided cling/high-slip type of film can also be used.
You can try operation using different films and choose the most satisfactory one.
There’s no strict requirement for film thickness,just choose based on your considerations such as the film cost, the wrapping performance,etc.
3.We are also able to provide the stacking system.
Normally it requires to dig a ground pit for place the lifting stacking table according the required stacking height.
Reference video:
automatic(price to be confirmed):
semi-auto(rough price $16500):
If you’re interested,please inform the stacking height and other requirements to check.
¡Buenos días! Bien recibida su consulta sobre mando de la rollos de acero de 5 toneladas. Nuestra compañía es fabricante profesional de Volteadores de bobinascon más de experiencia 18 años en Shanghai, China.

¿Podría decirme cuál es el tamaño de la rollos de acero como abajo? Diferentestamaños de rollos de acero , tamaño del plato de inclinación será diferente, y precio del mismo es diferente, también.
rollos de acero
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door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
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