item features of coil wrapping


1) High usefulness (10 stations, Choice; Particular date Publishing, Print Assessment, Vibrations)

2) Higher durability and stability (Major operation of mechanised technologies)

3) Substantial quality’s coil packaging and high issues degree coilpackaging

Personal production ordres

As opposed to the RFQ method, you should make contact with by e-mail.

Packaging Sample and Filling Products

Cleaning project is improved more and more following the create.

coil wrapping machine inhibits from tampering and contaminating, so contribute to keep food items security and sanitary.

Your product or service may be altered to fit your specs quickly and correctly by the large touch-screen and various products are for sale to be signed up as photos in the product or service sign-up monitor.

coil wrapping machine collaborates using the most up-to-date print assessment device which provides the reliability of day publishing.

Additionally, a problem printing case is released outside the house as an empty case(alternative).

Together with security, our prime productiveness is desirable.

Optimum efficiency is used by the straightforward synchronized funnel (alternative), therefore the maximum capability is 65 pouches/ each minute.

Furthermore, this new machine accommodates 260mm(10 inches) pouch breadth; consequently, a wide range of packaging can be obtained.

The enhancement of operability

from the large touchscreen




Almighty greatest-stop product equipped to handle remain-up pouches with zip.


Match remain-up pouch. Also appropriate to again closed 3-side-close pouch, 4 -aspect-seal pouch, or 4-side-seal off pouch with zipper.


Standard sort corresponding to back again closed a few-area-seal pouch, 4-aspect-seal pouch, or a number of-side-seal off pouch with zip.


Travelling bag stocker type.



Iced detergent, powders and foods etc

Running rate


(Depend on stuffing goods)

Case proportions

Thickness; 100~260mm

Span; 140~380mm

Filling up capability

Approximately 1,000g(2,000g by option)

Machine measurements

Size; 1,750mm

Size; 3,230mm (UST)

Manufacturing on purchases, by packaging requirements

We design and produce custom-manufactured machines based upon client specifications.

Remember to speak to your product or service specifications.

1. Case variety

2. Case materials

3. Stuffing product

4. Bag sizing

5. satisfying variety

6. coil packaging capability (pace)

Based on the requirements, we shall pick the maximum coil wrapping machine And choices.

For selling price quotation, we need your product specs.

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