It is actually preferable orbital stretch wrapper

3. The machine of claim 1 where both the second and first path means offer an angular extent of about 225??.

4. The machine of declare 1 wherein one of the path means includes a typically continuous proposal participant along with the other path means features a spread out group of supporting proposal participants.

5. The machine of assert 4 where each of the spread out number of proposal associates includes a minimum of one curler.

6. The machine of state 4 where all of the spaced series of proposal members contains at the very least a pair of rollers for engaging the typically continuous engagement participant between them.

7. The machine of assert 1 in which the structure means involves wheel path for vertically supporting the framework indicates.

8. The machine of state 1 whereby the motor unit driven wheel indicates rotates about an axis that is perpendicular on the pathway.

9. The machine of state 4 in which at least one of the leading conclusion in the very first track means and the trailing end of the secondly path means consist of guideline path for guiding the leading end of initial monitor implies into proposal with all the trailing end of your 2nd track implies.

10. The machine of claim 4 in which at least two of the spread out group of engagement participants take part the typically steady engagement participant at all roles of the frame implies across the path.

11. The orbital stretch wrapper machine of declare 4 in which at the very least a few in the spread out series of engagement participants interact with the normally constant proposal fellow member by any means roles in the structure means down the course.

12. The machine of state 1 in which the path is normally circular.

13. The orbital stretch wrapper machine of assert 1 wherein the initial track implies comes with an angular degree going above 18.

14. The machine of claim 1 whereby the next path signifies comes with an angular extent surpassing 180.

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