Intelligent coil stacking machine

coil packaging machine Woodwork MACHINERY CO.,LTD was launched in 1999, and contains progressed into a scientific and technological class variety organization. Our enterprise scope covers study & development, manufacturing, service, import and sales & export of wood working devices.

Keenman provide a full-range of automation door packaging and semi-automation generation equipment for board furniture businesses, such as edge-banding devices, board noticed, drilling equipment, dinner table found, cnc devices, and automated promoting equipment, and many others.

Keenman spend much interest on the quality of production and service, generating us believe in and recognize in the international market and various certificates authorization. We have now pattened over 10 innovations, over 20 energy types, and passed ISO9001 Quality and CE recognition. Dealers and users of Keenman’s merchandise is from greater than 30 areas in the whole world, confirming our trustworthiness in the world-wide marketplace.

Automated gluing and laminating production line:

1.take advantage of the several station bridge stacker and loader to in-give and out-feed the solar panel

2.use the robet to fasten automaticlly

3.the two main pushing coil packaging machine machine, after gluing , press the project item

4.having a convert over equipment,following gluing and click one particular aspect, the pannel will probably be turn above.

The key electronic compenents of the machine:

1.Turbo Motor unit of lialy Bonfigli;

2.Vane-kind vacuum push of Germany Becker

3.”ILC” control lube pump motor of ltaly or intelligent coiling machine of Switzerland

4.”ABBA”beeline push rail of Taiwan

5.Synchronous buckle drive of ltaly Megadyne

6.Pnenmatic Element of Japan “SCM “

7.Transducer of Japan Mitsubishi,Human being-Computer Interface comtrol

Conveying coil packaging machine equipment will be the reasonable decision to improve the furnishings efficiency reduce the labour cost and decrease this product damage.

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