installation of the panel packing machine

Machine installation
1、The panel packing machine is consisted with front conveyor line, hot cutter, shrink machine, exit unpowered conveyor roller, electrical cabinet etc.
2、Assemble the above-mentioned spare parts at proper position according to the . And then install the auxiliary parts. Finally adjust the relative position of the components after all parts being installed.
3、In principle, the shrink machine part should be treated as the benchmark when adjusting the relative position of above machine components.
4、The placement of above machine parts can be operated as follows:
a. 100mm’s distance left between shrink machine and heat cutter.
b. 100mm’s distance left between front conveyor line and heat cutter.
5、The level height of above components should be in consistent. The level height of shrink machine should be referred as the benchmark when adjusting height of other conveying surface.
6、After all the automatic strapping machine mechanical parts have been installed and adjusted, then connect with power and air source. Terminal row wire connection is adopted for machine circuit; make sure to connect the corresponding wire joints correctly. Φ8mm quick plug is adopted for interior air supply connection, just connect the corresponding pipe joints and plugs properly. Connect the exterior power and air source properly according to attached
7、Prevent against the occurrence of bruise, compression injury, crushing injury, contusion and other accidents during the installation.
8、As the machine has been transported and moved, all flexible parts shall be inspected carefully.
9、The entire installation shall be completed under the condition that the power supply and air supply is cut off.
10、The machine shall be mounted on flat and hard ground. Ground load should be greater than 3T/ m2
11、Only trained personnel can be allowed to enter the installation site.
12、Next working procedure can be executed only after all the installation operations are completed.
13、The panel packing machine shall be mounted in dry and dust free environment.

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