Inside a tube wrapping machine for product in combo

It is an object from the technology to put together a tire wrapping machine wherein the driving and supporting method for the auto tires are adjustably installed to placement tires of several sizing with respect to the shuttle, and getting signifies by which the handy realignment of said driving and supporting implies may be easily effected.

It is actually one more item on this invention to provide a wheel wrapping machine getting guiding and pressing path for leading the wheels when unveiled in the machine as well as for placing the tire properly therein and demanding the beads of the tire securely together if the wrapping is applied.

This is a further more essential subject from the technology to put together a tire wrapping machine, the helping, guiding, and driving a vehicle methods of said machine becoming handily adjustable to correctly position car tires of dif ts installed near to the other side.

Divided up and this application submitted June 9,

Serial No. 644,432.

ferent sizes therein, the amount of change of your a variety of promoting indicates getting differentially handled to insure an offset place of your auto tires with regards to the shuttle.

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