Inquiry for PPR pipe and PERT pipe extruder with packing machine



We received your name and address at your web-site.
Our companyis a leading Russian manufacturer of PP-R pipes and fittings. At this very moment we are planning to expand our product range and add there PERT pipes. So in order to do that we will require a new extrusion line.

We would be grateful to you if you could provide us with a commercial offer for the extrusion line, which could satisfy the following requirements:

1. Extrusion line application:
1.1. Version № 1 – production of single layer polyethylene pipes of PE-RTI (PE-RTII);
1.2. Version № 2 – production of multi layer polyethylene pipes of PE-RTI (PE-RTII) with barrier layer application (PE-RT-glue-EVOH-glue-PE-RT).

2. Outer diameters of manufactured pipes: О16, О20.
3. Series S(SDR) of manufactured pipes: 3.2 (7.4)
4. Extrusion line capacity: not less than 40 m/min.
5. Extrusion line should consist of the following equipment:
– vacuum loader;
– single-channel gravimetric unit;
– main extruder;
– co-extruders for making layers of glue, EVOH, PE-RT (Version №2 of line application);
– main pipe head (die-head);
– assisiting pipe heads (die-heads) for making layers of glue, EVOH, PE-RT (Version №2 of line application);
– operating tools (dorns, mandrils, dies);
– vacuum tank with calibrating bushes for pipes dia О16,О20;
– immerged cooling tanks;
– high-speed printer for pipes marking;
– pulling unit;
– cutting unit of guillotine (gate) type;
– pipe accumulator;

– automatic pipe coiler.automatic pipe coiling machine

Please take into account that commercial offer should include:
– general technical characteristics of extrusion lines;
– technical characteristics of equipment units listed in point 5 of the above stated inquiry;
– total extrusion line price, as well as prices of each equipment unit stated separately;
– possible delivery dates.


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