Innovative Packaging Ideas

10 Innovative Packaging Ideas
Regardless if you hire professional movers or do it yourself, it is good to know how to wrap the furniture and what to expect. We sell moving supplies and often hear questions: – How many moving blankets do I need? Which moving blanket should I use and how do I wrap my furniture?

Hot stuff gift basket – Fill a big basket with holiday green shredded paper. Nest a variety of hot sauce bottles from an import shop in the basket. Include an apron and pot holder with red pepper design. Decorate a couple candles to look like dynamite by wrapping them in red paper. Tie them to the basket handle using red string.

Fall is called “fall” for a reason. Leaves fall off of trees and if they just stay on people’s lawns it is bad for the grass underneath. That’s why they invented rakes. One thing about raking – people hate to do it. That’s why they invented leaf blowers. So, if you invest in a leaf blower, you can take care of people’s leaves for them without having to rake people’s leaves? Easy enough, right? Once the snow starts falling; you can shovel snow for extra dough – or use a little of your leaf-blowing money to invest in a snow blower. Other things to consider – cleaning out gutters, hanging holiday lights, and winterizing windows with that wrapping machine stuff.

Most labels are printed on white or clear packaging material, but there are many other options available to you. One look you can consider is using a metallic foil for your labels or packaging. With a good design the metallic look can be very striking when compared to the same design on white, and really isnt that much more expensive.

On the high end, L-bar shrink wrap machines can be used to package hundreds to thousands of products a day. These types of machines are used by factories for bulk steel coil packaging. High-volume L-bar sealers feature magnetic locks, arms that automatically come down for sealing, conveyors and custom programming.

Firmly depress the sealer bar to create the first seal. If your machine does not have automatic release, wait five to 10 seconds or until the shrink wrap begins lifting away from the bar. Do not let the wrap darken or smoke. This first seal will serve as the bottom of the “bag” you slide your product into.

Mid-size L-bar sealers are usually floor models. This means they have their own built-in legs and are designed to stand on their own. These types of shrink wrap machines are popular for many businesses. The heat for the shrinking process is usually some sort of heat tunnel. A heat gun could be used, but would be a bottleneck. Heat tunnels dramatically speed up the shrink wrap process.

L-Bar sealers seal and cut the film in one movement. Electricity, not heat, cut the plastic, so the machines do not produce smoke. They use Polyolefin film.

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