Information of energy model relates to an coil upender

above, the utility model is only the preferred embodiments only, not for the utility model to make any formal restrictions, anyone familiar with the professional and technical personnel may use the above reveal the technical content to be changed or modified as equivalent Equivalent changes embodiment, but who have not traveled out of the utility model technology program content, according to the technical substance of the utility model for any of the above embodiments of the simple alterations, modifications, equivalents and modifications are still belong to the scope of the program practical new technology inside.

The upender discloses an automated electrophoresis upender for the auto atmosphere safe-keeping container, which makes up an electrophoresis container along with a hanger framework, wherein the two finishes from the auto air flow storing aquarium are correspondingly rotatably established around the hanger framework by spindles; the foot of the auto oxygen storage space tank is supplied by using a water inlet; and also the automobile air safe-keeping reservoir is provided using a hovering tennis ball with a bracket. The automatic electrophoresis upender for your auto atmosphere storage container has the benefits of basic framework and ideal electrophoresis impact, can automatically convert inside the electrophoresis procedure for the auto air flow storage space reservoir to evacuate oxygen inside the car atmosphere storage reservoir, so that the electrophoresis liquid is loaded with electrophoresis liquid, power consumption is reduced, along with the electrophoresis performance is increased.

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1 Car Automobile Flip electrophoresis tank apparatus, comprising: a: electrophoresis container (I) and hangers (2), car fuel tank (3) respectively, via each finishes of your shaft (4) is set in rotation hanger (2), in the vehicle aquarium (3) is provided with a bottom inlet starting (5), in a vehicle aquarium (3) through a bracket (6) is supplied using a float (7).

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Car Automobile Change electrophoresis aquarium Specialized Field

The present upender relates ?` types of automobile fuel reservoir Electrophoresis automatic switching product.


during electrophoresis reservoir auto, since the car loans in the fluid container disposed from the lower end of your automobile to the electrophoresis tank water inches, electrophoretic water is not completely loaded, top of the finish of the tank in a car much easier to continue to be atmosphere, prone to car electrophoresis aquarium internal incomplete top scenario, electrophoresis will not be efficient.

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