Information of energy model refers to an upender

The upender solves the technological issue: delivering an effective automobile gas tank Electrophoresis Electrophoresis impact automatically flick


In order to solve the above problems, the present upender uses the technical program are, [0004]: auto petrol container Electrophoresis auto switching device, comprising: electrophoresis tank and hangers, vehicle petrol aquarium stops have been set from the rotation shaft hanger in a car tank is supplied by using a liquid inlet in the bottom of lending options, the tank in a vehicle by way of a bracket is supplied having a float.

[0005] The main advantage of the present upender are: instantly change the vehicle petrol container electrophoresis equipment, simple construction, is possible quickly during electrophoresis aquarium cars overturned, emptying the atmosphere inside the tank car, the electrophoretic liquid entirely filled up with cars tank, electrophoretic impact, lessen vitality usage and enhance the productivity of electrophoresis.


[0006] Shape I in the existing upender electrophoresis aquarium auto quickly change these devices schematic.

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