Information of energy design relates to an 90 degree coil upender

Explanation translated from Chinese

A completely auto remote controlled transforming upender models

Modern technology

[0001] The upender concerns a computerized distant operated converting upender models.


[0002] converting upender machine is the word round reversing a 90 ?? position to ensure that generation procedures of any system. The existing in the plating turn upender machine forklift closing collection of the injury with copper wire spool shovel to turnover the upender machine close to the forklift workers leave the spool physically pressed for the rail, and then linked jointly side rails forced towards the turn axis switching upender devices press the start key motion will flip axis 90 ??, and after that begin the forklift forklift personnel then your expression circular shovel to get the damp tensile wire owner. Forklift term spherical shovel to slip round the spool staff moved for the rail, flick along the shaft to the horizontal placement, the rail about the spool shaft pushed to flip, flip towards the vertical axis from the change place, then shovel shovel out the phrase rounded. The whole method operation is relatively complicated, completely determined by guide operation, greater labor strength.

Breakdown Of THE upender

[0003] This application model supplies a entirely automatic remote control turning upender equipment, it is not necessarily simply a straightforward operations, and will decrease labour intensity.

[0004] This power design adopts the subsequent practical option: an entirely automated handheld remote control turn upender machine, such as the ramp, flip, cylinder and slide upender machine physique, said glide on the aspect of a ramp, in just one stop of any slip tube, the low portion of the tube inlet dock of your solenoid device, is linked to a drive tube along with the glide, the other stop from the rail major entire body has a turning upender machine, a holder in the change entire body , the holder is provided using a rotatable rotary disc, the rotary dish is connected with a controller, coupled to the revolving disc roll axis, around the side of the revolving disc carries a sensing screw on one side of the spinning disc carries a nearness change I , the core of the spinning disc has a proximity switch II, as soon as the rotation dish nearness move indicator I is moved to the screw, the screw along with the inductive proximity change I correspond to the attach when transferred to a spinning hard drive inductive proximity change II, the sensing unit screw and Closeness Switch II corresponds closeness swap distance swap I and II correspond to the solenoid valve attached to the word circular roll from the ramp to the next slip, the controller manages the rotation of your revolving hard drive, once the spinning disk detector closeness move I go screw , the distance move I available the solenoid device, solenoid valve is energized to open the cylinder intake harbour, open the gas tube, cylinder-shaped wheel push rails will push to overturn the shaft, travel shaft rotating drive by turning the term wheel rotation, once the rotary disk rotates by 90 ??, proximity change II sealed solenoid valve, pneumatic closed, push quickly results for the unique place.

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