Information of application version refers to an drum upender

[0007] Within the drawings: 1, the electrophoresis reservoir, 2, hanger and 3 automobile gas tank, 4, shaft 5, in to the liquid 7, ro, bracket and 6 float.

Specific embodiments

[0008] with the associated drawings and the subsequent in depth description of specific embodiments of your provide upender under ?` certain information.

[0009] Figure I, electrophoresis aquarium car intelligent transforming gadget, comprising: the electrophoresis tank I and the hanger 2, both finishes from the auto tank 3 from the rotation of your spinning shaft 4 presented from the hanger 2 in a car The foot of the reservoir 3 is supplied with a liquefied inlet ro 5, 3 in the vehicle aquarium 6 via the bracket 7 is supplied by using a drift.

[0010] Making use of the previously mentioned vehicle gasoline container electrophoresis product automatically flip the car aquarium 3 inch electrophoresis, electrophoresis tank I electrophoretic liquid inside the blossom, hanger 2 lower, in the vehicle gas aquarium 3 to the electrophoresis procedure liquid , electrophoretic water gets into with the inlet ro 5 3 Internal auto gas reservoir, float 7 from the electrophoretic water less than the act of buoyancy powered car flipped tank 3, the inlet fluid ro 5 flick to the peak, creating the vehicle in the reservoir 3 ro air through the inlet 5 is released, the electrophoretic liquefied aquarium 3 is utterly filled with automobiles, electrophoretic outcome, minimizing electricity usage, enhancing the productivity of your electrophoresis.

The upender supplies a fingers-push type electronic upender for fermentation your bed extra padding. The fingers-press variety electrical upender includes a a, frame and wheels handle, in which the tires are set up in the bottom of your body, the handle is disposed around the rear aspect in the body, a lifting process is set up about the structure and linked to a driving a vehicle system by way of a linkage system, the driving a vehicle mechanism is established on the structure on the back side in the rims, as well as a control move for controlling stopping and starting of the driving mechanism is organized in the take care of. Compared with the prior artwork, the palm-press type electric upender to the fermentation bed furniture cushioning has the benefits of becoming acceptable in layout, straightforward in composition, simple to use, competent at totally loosening the extra padding and solving the situation that this fermentation bed furniture extra padding can not be loosened and raked completely by upender equipment, perfect in raking and loosening impact, full of functioning efficiency and at risk of popularization.

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