Industry information

Steel tube packing line and wire coil compactor industry

Would you be interested in Oil and Gas industry contacts for your upcoming projects?

We have recently updated our database with mention below industry list.

  1. Well Drilling Contractor 11) Oil & Natural Gas Company
  2. Plastic Bag Supplier 12) Pipe Supplier
  3. Welder 13) Professional Services
  4. Electronics Repair Shop 14) Construction Company
  5. Manufacturer 15) Plastic Fabrication Company
  6. Steel Fabricator 16) Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
  7. Metal Finisher 17) Mechanical Engineer
  8. Pipe Supplier 18) Manufacture of metal forming machinery
  9. Warehouse 19) Industrial Equipment Supplier
  10. Welding Supply Store 20) Electronics Equipment Manufacturer

To know more about our database please let me know your target criteria in below mentioned format.

Target Industry: _____________ Target Job titles: _____________ Target Geography: _____________

Please review and let me know your thoughts.

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