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Rip tape has been a characteristic on Asian packings over stretch wrapping machinery. The issue brought up on a lot of situations is – Why is it essential to have rip tape center on my small product? Well this is why.

Marketing prospects – Item levels of competition are intense, in customer very good markets. Before, the need to offer product shelf and differentiation impact is more important than ever. The addition of tear adhesive tape enables additional possibilities to talk your brand and offer a style that separates in the carton to improve merchandise rack charm.

Tamper facts – Being a client, when looking to purchase a product or service, there are many degrees of decision making you choose to go via well before lastly opting to acquire, one particular simply being ‘Evaluation of alternatives’. Among the important aspects when looking for your alternatives is product or service safety, this is far more noticeable in Meals And Refreshment, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic structured goods. Rip tape provides the buyer peace of mind the product is not bogus and/or has not been tampered with in any respect.

Enhanced Item Accessibility To The Customer

To some this can be a challenge, although easy to open – To many of us the thought of opening a cellophane wrapped product is not a problem. This is certainly conveyed within an write-up by Clare Dumbreck – me, ‘Packaging and arthritis – why brand names need to increase merchandise openability’ exactly where it really is indicated that a great many merchandise do not support those with particular medical conditions like joint disease. Incorporating a rip tape strip for your merchandise right away opens the door to all of shoppers who may have certain difficulties with starting securely wrapped products.

As you can see tear tape offers substantial benefits to both the manufacturer and consumer by allowing further opportunities to advertise, enhance product appeal, whilst offering customer peace of mind and ease of access to your product. If you would like to find out more about tear tape application and how it can enhance your product contact Payne, a global provider of packaging products that deliver the benefits of easy opening facilities

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