In horizontal wrapping devices from the planetary kind

Early spring tension signifies 25 insures that component 22 is pushing towards cushion middle therefore bringing friction engagement ring 15 and spring season fingertips 13 against the pad part. I

We prefer to fixedly place factor 23 hauling pad rubbing implies “7 as well as to fixedly position friction disk 15′ thereupon. Coil springs 16, therefore, are merely presented for rubbing hard drive 15 as this reduces the chance of lateral side play in tape mat 5 as it is revolved about its middle axis.

The planetary taping machine-“described and shown herein is modified for rotation from the taping mind in, sometimes clockwise or counterclockwise instructions, itmerely Wing required to modify information roller 11 for the proper place to supp y the tape 5 in the proper area from the cable tv 4. It is additionally adjusted to place a plurality of tape dimensions after the cable tv ‘4 without the need of material adjustment inside the adhesive tape roll assisting indicates. The size of the machine can be greatly reduced due to the use of the caster type guide roller. That’s another advantage. Still another benefit is based on the actual control over the stress from the wrapping as it is laid on the cable tv through the use of the tape pressure indicates disclosed. As the tape tensioning means operates effectively within rela– tively wide ranges of planetary revolution speeds and the caster roller guide means functions within relatively wide ranges of cable longitudinal advance speeds, the flexibility and adap-‘- tability of the machine to modern high speed production requirements is marked.

Before anew tape roll is inserted, as an added improvement means 30 may be axle 21 from provided on the taping head disposed at a determined point to disconnect the driving means for the wrapping machine when and in the event that the tape 5′ is broken or the end of a tape passes the means 30.

Means ’30 can be of anyconvenient’type and also as demonstrated in F’ig. 3 comprises a handle arm 3132 pivoted at stage 30, one particular left arm (31) becoming tailored to be engaged by pin 33. When adhesive tape 5′ is completing over curler 10, early spring 37 is compressed, thus allowing arm 32 to get located in-the open up position by spring season 34. If the adhesive tape 5′ splits or maybe the stop passes by over drum’18 springtime stress implies 37 is unveiled and moves curler 10, pin 33 and arm 31 off to the right causing handle left arm 32 to compress spring 34′ and participate with spring terminal 35 linked to direct cable 36 and shutting an electric relay circuit which functions to disconnect the ability supply for the wrapping machine and stop very same. Signifies 30 could be situated with the level shown or at almost every other hassle-free level about the taping mind

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