ice cream sandwich wrapping machine is disclosed from the kind

Information Of Your PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The most preferred embodiment from the a few tined pushing system is shown in FIGS. lAof and 1 the drawings. The most preferred embodiment in the stop tucking hands is illustrated in FIGS. 3 and 5 of the drawings.

Having entirely described this new and unique creation we assert:

1. An frozen goodies sandwich wrapping machine for taking ice cream sandwiches from your multi-slotted depositor and rapidly wrapping the patient soft ice cream sandwiches in afoil or the like, stated wrapping machine comprising a conveyor comprising a pair of endless spaced separate moving tracks with grabs evenly spaced separate with the monitors to take part and shift frozen goodies sandwiches using the movement of the tracks; method for shifting the couple of monitors inside the identical direction and speed in the direction of an elevator; a three tined pusher, mentioned a few tined pusher finding the 3 tines thereon evenly spread out in regards to the middle thereof and getting circumferently spread out apart at their exterior most details a range roughly comparable to the areas between the equally spaced away from each other catches, and said tines curving far from tor, stated tines using a circumferential velocity drastically exactly like the linear rate in the relocating monitors; an escalator, mentioned lift in their minimized place developing a platform drastically despite having and carrying on with the upper part of the moving monitors, and said elevator possessing a program part thereon significantly the identical dimensions as one part of any ice cream sandwich; path for moving the elevator down and up in timed romantic relationship to the other moving areas of the wrapping machine; means for putting a predetermined piece of wrapping substance on top of the elevator; a form positioned specifically higher than the escalator; path for transferring the lift upwards to the form to push the front and rear of any wrapper downwards across the sandwich; a back tucker for tucking the wrapping material round the rear of your soft ice cream sandwich; a area tucking apparatus, mentioned area tucking device comprising a pair of dishes disposed on either sides in the elevator with explained plates having availabilities therein and method for relocating a set of conclusion tuckers through the opportunities to make the wrapping substance under the stops from the frozen goodies sandwiches; and means for moving frozen treats snacks away from the elevator and onto a conveyor and thereby tucking the top part of the wrapping material under the frozen goodies sandwich.

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