How to resolve the melt blown fabric problems in production

There are following common problem in the melt blown fabric production. Following is the experience comes from the 55 sets machine installation. Out engineer summarized following points in the problem reason and problem solution. Hope it can can you makes the good melt blown fabric.

1.Crystallization point

how to resolve the melt blown fabric with crystallization points


  1. Air pressure too low or the melted PP high viscosity so that the fabric can not be drawing perfectly
  2. Melted PP low viscosity, when air pressure too high, the melted PP didn’t draw to the fabric at the head of blowing mold spray holes caused by low “holding” force .   


a、adjusting the temperature up or down per PP Melt Flow index

b、 Adjusting the screw speed

c、Choosing the proper PP material meets to the spray mold


How to resolve the floccule in melt blown fabric production


Machine temperature and speed setting didn’t match with melt blown PP material’s procession temperature, the temperature too high.


  1. If all width of the fabric woven roll is with floccule, adjusting the screw sections and air temperature.
  2. If some area is with floccule, adjusting the spray mold temperature.

3、Hard and crisp

How to resolve the fabric too hard and easy broken


The melted PP did spray into fabric or the fabric stick into small ball


a、Adjusting the air pressure

b、Adjusting the mold temperature

c、lower the screw speed

d、Adjusting the distance between the spray mold and receiving table/conveyor.

4、Spray holes jam

How to resolve the spray mold and holes jam


  1. Too high adding ratio of the electrode masterbatches
  2. Impurity in the PP row material
  3. Without filter
  4. The spray mold quality low, the spray hole without polishing.


a、Lower the electrode masterbatches adding ratio

b、Add the filter

c、Choose the clean PP material

d、Changing the spray mold

5、 Uneven distribution

how to resolve the melt blown fabirc uneven in the table


The spray holes resistance and air blowing force differently causes the differently spray volume in different holes.


a、Choose the good quality spray mold with good spray holes

b、change the filter regularly

c、Cleaning the spray holes regularly

d、Lower the electrode masterbatches adding ratio


How to resolve the problem: many holes in the melt blown fabric


PP material humidity too high, the steam in blowing caused the holes


 Drying the pp material

7、Low filtration rate

How to improve the filtration rate of the melt blown fabric
This is the main problem in the melt blown fabric production. There are many reason cause the problem, such as spray mold, raw PP material, tempreture setting, scrwe speed, air temperature and presure… following is some reason for reference, for more solution you can contact with our engineer for the free consultation.


a、Too thick and too big gap in fabrics

b、Electrode masterbatches ratio lower

c、Electrocharged filtration device not good


a、Raising the temperature

b、Adjusting the distance between spray mold and receiving table

c、Lower the screw speed

d、air pressure higher

f、Add more electrode masterbatches

e、Add Electrocharged filtration process or choose the good Electrocharged device.

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