How to handling the door and panel packing machine properly

Reference to your conversation with  below the issues are stopping us to do manual packing of panels.

1. The temperature setting is not proper, the shrinking will not be proper at low temperature and made holes if we increase temperature
2. Film stick over the conveyor of shrinking tunnel, it is very difficult to remove the film from the conveyor and Teflon covering on the rollers got damage.
3. Welding and cutting of the polythene is not proper and it had problem after 5-6 bundles, we need to clean the heater area after each 5 bundle.
4. 4 Additional Labour is require to load and unload the panel as the initial sucking is not working properly and the end stacker cannot hold more than one bundle of seven panel.

· There are big holes in the shrink film

· Sometimes The base film stick with the shrinking tunnel and sticked in the roller (which will stick on to the next bundle and will damage the packing)

Door packing machine

The welding and cutting section is having problem after packing 5-6 bundles

Need 4 work men to operate since the stack is not holding more than two bundles of 7 sheets ( 2 person at the loading section and 2 person at the unloading section)

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