Hose wrapping machine and pipe packing machine

hose wrapping machine
hose wrapping machine, pipe coil wrapping machine, garden hose packing machine


Hose wrapping machine shall wire to one side of the terminal blocks
only except where the other side is internal to the panel. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER shall pre-wire all PLC I/O modules to terminal
blocks. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER shall pre-wire from the incoming power
transformer to each circuit breaker and distribute to each PLC I/O module. All wire terminations shall make use of screw clamp type terminal
blocks. Wire insulation is to be stripped to sufficient length to assure a
solid connection.
Hose wrapping machine Wires are to be permanently labeled at all terminations with the wire
number. Wires shall be identified with Brady sleeve heat-shrink polyolefin
computer-printable or approved equal wire markers. Cables shall also be
identified with Electrovent Unilabel, Cat. No. ELV-688-12, or approved

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