hose pipe packing machine and coil wrapper


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,
Please kindly check and confirm the coil size to be packed is:
1. As in the size list your engineer gave us:
coil width:500-750mm;
coil ID: 800-956mm
coil OD:1130-1460mm
2. As written in your previous contract:
coil width:630-900mm;
coil ID: 750-900mm
coil OD:1130-1600mm
We are still having discussions regarding the coil wrapper machine. Thanks for the continous feedback you provide.

As noted on the customer’s list you sent, POSOCO is the only Philippine customer you had. May i know what machine did they bought from you and when was it? Any problem encountered on their machine?

With reference to our previous mails, is there any progress on these both projects?
Regarding master Coil orbital wrapping machine, if your 1500mm wide of product is less than 800mm high, the coil wrapping machine can pack it. As long as the product can go through the ring of machine smoothly, it is ok.
hose coil wrapping machine                                                             automatic hose packing machine
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