horizontal stretch wrapper for profile banding requirement


I would like to confirm machine defects:
Budle machine
1 PLC has English language
2 add speed control knob of bundle mahine on the control panel
3 add a knob for the sequence reset
4 add adjustable borders on 3 conveyors
5 starting step of bundle machine can not automatic start by waiting product on conveayor detecting themself , because it can start when we put product after start signal on.
6. to joint control signal between the bundle machine and the wrapping machine i.e. when we increase speed of bundle machine , the wrapping and heater tunnel will increse together.

Wrapping machine
1. machine base : change to locked wheel
2. add adjustable borders on the heater feeding conveyor

notice : I request PLC diagram (software) because it will easy to adjust machine when it has touble.


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