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horizontal stretch wrapper automatic satisfying and sealing machine EJG-8S Automated Bag Satisfying and Securing Machine 1.EJG-8S Car Bag Filling up and Sealing Machine is utilized for the 4 part closing flat bag, and also the stretch machine can load and seal various granule, powder and the liquid goods by coordinating with diverse measuring system. 2. Operations: Bag feeding and taking Opening (Printing day) Filling (Measured filling up) Move (Vibrations, de-dusting, pushing things) Temperature seal off, atmosphere exhaust Merchandise release Specialized Parameter Ability : 30-50 bag/min, based on item type and characteristics Case Size: (L)100-300mm (W)100-200 mm Satisfying bodyweight: Up to1000 g/bag (max) Bag closing: Securing by heat and pressure Power source: AC380V±10Per cent,3-period 50Hz Strength Consumption: 2.0KW Air Usage: .2m3/min at 5-8 kgf/cm2 Atmosphere compressor is supplied by consumer Machine Bodyweight: 1200kg Measurement(W×L×H ): 1140×1500×1560mm Shanghai YiJie Packing Machine Co.,Ltd. is really a maker committed to vertical packaging machine,the automatic weighing stowing machine and extra devices. Our organization personal the technology exquisite designers and following-selling services personnel group, can solve all extra concerns for that consumers.Company’s control idea is “the development,high quality normal, the best faith, the low price “, our services are all according to customer’s condition, we remember to keep our promises!

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