horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for pump gear mold

Orbital stretch wrapper for pump
Orbital stretch wrapper for pump,gear, mold,motor


More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

The information and equipment for your gear, pump, mold, motor…packaging with stretch film.

It is a necessary package before put it into box. The stretch film is able tight the products with carton paper tightly.



List of Main Spare Parts


Small friction wheel 8Pcs Factory standard
Tape storing wheel 4pcs Factory standard
Fuse 4pcs   Standard
Cutting tip 1Pcs Factory standard


Cushion block




Factory standard

Indication Lamp


1pcs Standard
Air Pipe



4pcs Standard


2pcs Standard
Tension belt 1Pcs


Factory standard








Factory standard


Packing Material 10Kg  




Tools box 1 set    




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