Honing coil wrapping machine

tube bending tube packaging machine capabilities

1.NC control

2. multiple sets of setting

3. simple procedure

4. high speed

Coil wrapping high end one-mind hydraulic tubing bending wrapping machine, NC handle, multi-groupings program and multi-angles establishing, makes your functioning simple and practical, popular in great time pipe, home furniture as well as other steel piping finalizing.


Maximum twisting capacitymmΦ75×4

1. The Minimal bending diameter of pipe twisting machine in line with the pipe size

According to the customers requiremen 2.The Max bending diameter of tube bending machine cant

According to customers requirement 3.The Max length of mandrel of tube bending machine can.

Max bending radiusmmR400

Min twisting radiusmillimetersR40

Optimum twisting angleDegree190

Maximum effective distance of mandrelmillimeters2800

Manage System NC Manage

Optimum elbow flex water pipeSystem16

Optimum storable partsSystem16×16

Engine potentialKW7.5

Max. Hydraulic StrainMpa12

Hydraulic System Manage Electromagnetic Device

Oil Reservoir CapabilityL250


Excess weight of UnitKg2000

Sharpening coil wrapping machine

We provide different kinds of metal finalizing wrapping machinery

Sharpening wrapping machine

1) Easy to work

2) The decreasing position, teeth design and tooth range around the noticed are simple to modify having a high sharp, precision and durable

3) Quick adjustments can be made according to the various thicknesses of the

dealing saw bits

4) The pinnacle area could be adjusted or swinged up or ahead willingly

5) beveling and Coping can be done without having swapping the coarse hard drive

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