high-speed coil packaging machine

Suitable for: all kinds of single, double side diagonal square box sealing label, provide a full box, fixed roof pressure, labeling, marking and packaging or labeling detection to eliminate leakage on the corner, and other functions, to ensure the sealing label intact, users can rest assured and connecting high-speed coil packaging machine use.
Function characteristics:
1. The four types of the sealing label form can be completed on (on the surface of the sealing label, the surface of the sealing label, two diagonal sealing label)
2. Jacking device to ensure that the label box body stability, greatly improve the labeling accuracy, particularly true for light box
3. The reserved input/output signal and the interface, PC control signal, on-line condition acceptable matching production line linkage line overall management, which is convenient to use
4. The optional function of eliminating unqualified products automatically
5. Optional transparent protection cover, equipped with a safety lock switch, and guarantee the safety of operating personnel
6. Printing equipment: flexible choice of hot stamping machine or printing machine configuration, such as synchronization is complete code and labeling
Technical parameters:
Box size: height 20-100 mm, width 90-220 – mm
Labeling speed: 80-120 boxes per minute (associated with box and label size)
Labeling accuracy: + / – 1.0 mm (excluding package and label error)
Power supply and power: 220 vac plus or minus 5% 50 hz 1.0 Kw
Machine size: (L) x 2000 (W) 900 x 1300 mm (H)

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