Hidden serialization for packaging

Millions of $ $ $ $ are shed each year to black market place, grey industry, merchandise tampering, and trademark and patent infringement. Technologies make it easier for some individuals to replicate your wrapping or modify serial amounts. Now you may shield your company, your products, along with your reputation with Kodak Manufacturer Defense Alternatives. A wide range of stability alternatives are offered. These can be used alone or merged to make a multi-layered option.

Invisible serialization for product packaging

The Kodak Traceless Advertising packing System is made to support brand namecompanies and owners, and law enforcement firms battle counterfeiting and merchandise diversion. You can add invisible serialization to your package, label, or product – detectable only by handheld Kodak Readers, as easily as changing the ink on your end-of-line inkjet printer.

Designed for the ongoing computer printer, item monitoring and authorization markings might be additional easily and securely in your manufacturing service, using Kodak’s exclusive obvious security printer. Just add a second print station in-line, or integrate it into your existing packaging line. You don’t even have to come up with a design change to your packaging…it’s that easy. Then use a Kodak Traceless AD Viewer to see the invisiblemark and code, or image. It will probably be as crystal clear as day time to you personally…hidden to anyone else.

The invisible symbol might be a basic authorization program code or serial variety. Or it might be an undetectable contra –diversion rule for use having a trace and track system. You can gain additional security that is easy to implement with your existing serialization and tracking database, by pairing invisible and visible codes on the same product. Kodak will also help integrate this modern technology to your current keeping track of system.

Security varnish for packing

The Kodak Traceless Ultracovert System, made for extremely-great security contra –counterfeiting, is definitely an authentication marker offered in a company owner’s printer ink or varnish. Utilized by numerous pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, the safety varnish focus is included in the overcoat varnish normally applied. Flexographic, offset, or some other options are accessible. Kodak Traceless Ultracovert Viewers are then accustomed to check product in the workplace or in the area. Extremely-covert remedies are economically deployed on packaging and products, even at great volume level. They decrease effortlessly in your existing manufacturing process and so are very secure and difficult to reproduce.

Proprietary marker material and field-deployable visitor

The Kodak Traceless Anyplace System combines sturdy, amazing marker material by using a unobtrusive, hand held, discipline-deployable viewer. This combo allows you to find illegally advertised products and merchandise. The Traceless Anyplace System can easily be carried out in your present production or stamping operations.

The amazing marker material works extremely well on a wide range of material varieties which includes corrugated, flexible, plastics and foils documents, labels and packaging. The system’s wallet reader means that you can deploy a discrete discipline authentication approach. The straightforward-to-transport, battery pack-controlled viewer suggests the existence of various kinds of marker formulations. Customized coding, for particular checking reasons, enables you to regionalize and localize your company safety technique.

Anti–counterfeiting remedies for pre-push graphics

Kodak Secure Image Products provide anti-counterfeiting, anti-copying and anti-tampering solutions which are easily deployed in pre-press artwork for conventional or digital printed jobs, if you have documents or other printed materials that you wish to protect. Alternatives vary from the Kodak Lean-to-See Picture System, which needs no particular equipment to confirm, towards the Kodak Secure Hidden Impression System, which happens to be only visible making use of the Kodak Reveal Verifier Lenses.

Multi-layered brand name security for product packaging

You can build a multi-layered brand protection model, by integrating both overt and covert offerings from the Kodak Brand Protection Solutions portfolio. Now there’s a fairly easy, cost-effective way to notify an actual product from your counterfeit, or keep track of your merchandise through a distribution securely, system and safely. Get in touch with Kodak and grow an industry director in manufacturer protection nowadays.

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