heavy load orbital stretch wrapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for heavy load


Orbital stretch wrapper and stretch wrapping machine from Fhopepack.com



Wrapping process= Loading by crane +wrapping + unloading by crane


The main difference between GD and GS series:

1. Loading method

GD series is opens upward which products loading from the top of machine by crane or forkman.

GS series is opens downward which products loading from bottom of machine. And the products have to loading by manual to avoid impact between product and machine structure in loading process.


2. Main structure

GD series stretch wrapper packing material will save on the wheels for getting through ID.

(So GD series will have material saving devices and auto cutting device, accordingly the control system will complicated than GS series)

GS series packing material will fix on the ring to get through the ID.

The reason we recommend GD series is—- Loading by crane or forkman is safety than by manually.

Base our experience and trails, the object is difficult and insecurity to loading and unloading by manually.


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