hardware stretch wrapper equipment

Product introduction: the horizontal stretch wrapper machine is full automatic molding, vacuum, sealing packaging machine, suitable for all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medical products, hardware stretch wrapper equipment for vacuum, inflatable packaging machine, fitted.
A, product characteristics:
(1) the stretch wrapping machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment.
(2) using combined die, the replacement is convenient, the use of a machine, mould with water cooling system.
(3) with stable performance, long service life of the SMC pneumatic components.
(4) the selection of extreme high vacuum degree, excellent performance in Germany BUSCH vacuum pump.
(5) the selection of reliable performance, convenient operation of the OMRON servo motor, screen and Schneider electric controlled by PLC and touch.
(6) using photoelectric tracking, can choose the color cover film or optical film packaging, reduce cost, improve product quality.
(7) can be based on customer requirements, equipped with automatic horizontal stretch wrapper coding system.
(8) the use of special stainless steel clamping chain, suitable for all kinds of thickness of the pia mater, dural stretch forming, special packaging.
(9) using crosscut slitting system advanced replacement, convenient operation, equipped with scrap recycling system, keep the environment clean. ?
Two, the technical parameters:
Power supply (1): 380? V/AC? 50HZ three-phase neutral
(2) the complete machine power: KW 13?
(3) machine size: 4450 x 1050 x 1930mm
(4) weight: 1.5Ton
(5) film width: 390mm
(6) on the film width: 380mm
(7) there are 4 kinds of sealing mode, choose according to the actual situation: only sealing, vacuum, inflatable, atmosphere.

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