handling of steel upender

11. A upender machine from the persona explained comprising, in blend, a pair of forearms for gripping a post between the two, and device irreversible within the weight of explained article for relocating stated hands to grip or launch the content and also for increasing or cutting down it.

12. A upender machine of your figure described comprising, in combination, grippers to participate complete opposite aspects of any article, arms helping explained grippers, indicates running through explained forearms to maneuver mentioned grippers gage reverse ends of your post, arms assisting explained grippers, means operating via mentioned biceps and triceps to maneuver explained grippers toward and from each other as well as increase and minimize explained grasp ers, stated grippers getting fitted to become he d typically y gravitational forces In a offered directional position, and meansjor utilizing gravitational forces to hold mentioned grippers inside a various situation.

14. A upender machine from the persona explained comprising, in combo, grippers to interact with opposite ends of an artlcle, forearms promoting said grippers, indicates running throu h said forearms to move mentioned grippers tower and from one another as well as to raise and reduce said rippers, a pivotal connection between each gri for every and its particular cooperating left arm promoting t e grlpper at 1 part of the centre of gravity, and indicates cooperating with stated left arm to support the gripper in the set relationship to sald left arm.

15. A upender machine from the character defined comprising, in combo, a pair of grippers attached to take part opposite aspects ofan write-up, some hands around the stops of which the res ective grippers are lvotally installed, a s aft experiencing opposing y threaded amounts which mentioned arms are attached, sa1d forearms experiencing internally threaded pieces to engage correspondingly with the threaded portions of said shaft, a worm wheel quickly on said shaft, a worm meshing with said worm wheel, a shaft which explained worm 1S attached, bearings assisting stated worm shaft from radial and endwise movement, a engine, as well as a worm gearing connectlon among explained motor unit and explained worm shaft for driving a vehicle the worm shaft.

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