handling of steel upender Chinese supplier

16. A upender machine of your character explained comprising in mixture, some biceps and triceps among which articles to become dealt with is gripped, a gripper ivoted to every single of mentioned forearms, mentioned grippers sing out shaped to interact with the alternative aspects of said article, strength pushed system for shifting said hands from and toward each other as well as for raising and lowering stated forearms, explained system bein permanent within the bodyweight of stated artic e, plus an car truck on which said arms and mechanism are installed. j

17. A upender machine in the figure described comprising, in mixture, some grippers fitted to engage opposite edges of an write-up, some biceps and triceps around the ends of which the specific grippers are ivotally mounted, a shaft having opposing y threaded servings on which stated forearms are fitted, stated hands possessing internally threaded elements to engage correspondingly with the threaded servings of said shaft, a worm wheel fast on stated shaft, a worm meshing with said worm tire, a shaft which stated worm is attached, bearin s helping explained worm shaft against ra ial and endwisemovement, energy motivated process for spinning said worm shaft in either course, plus an car vehicle on what explained mechanism and bearings are installed.

In testimony whereof We have agreed upon my name to this particular specification.

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