handling of steel coil upender in China

16. A upender machine of the personality defined comprising in blend, a pair of forearms involving which articles to be managed is gripped, a gripper ivoted to each and every of explained hands, explained grippers sing out molded to take part the opposite aspects of stated report, energy driven mechanism for transferring stated arms from and toward each other as well as for raising and lowering said forearms, mentioned mechanism bein permanent beneath the body weight of mentioned artic e, along with an automobile van which said mechanism and arms are fitted. j

17. A upender machine of the character defined comprising, in combination, a couple of grippers attached to interact with complete opposite aspects of an write-up, a couple of biceps and triceps about the stops which the specific grippers are ivotally mounted, a shaft getting complete opposite y threaded parts which said hands are installed, stated hands having inside threaded parts to interact with correspondingly together with the threaded portions of stated shaft, a worm wheel fast on mentioned shaft, a worm meshing with explained worm tire, a shaft which said worm is mounted, bearin s helping said worm shaft against ra ial and endwisemovement, energy motivated mechanism for revolving said worm shaft either in path, along with an vehicle vehicle on what stated bearings and mechanism are mounted.

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