General automation for stretch wrapping machine with proposal

Proposal X: 建议X:  
Total pallet length: 1100 [mm] 总托盘长度:1100(毫米)  
Roller conveyor length: 1400 [mm] 输送线长度:1400(毫米)
Position pallet detector: 1100mm from beginning conveyor
X[s]=(1400 – 1100)(毫米)/167(mm/s)=2[s]
3 Detail unit description详细分项描述
3.1 Supply unit (SU)供应区
A forklift is used to supply the pallets to the packing unit. Pallets are placed on this position. General specifications are listed in paragraph 2.4.

Additions to the standard conveyor are
• Protection fork lift
• System to guide/place the pallet in the middle of the rollers. Need a safety support to avoid the truck is damaging the conveyor while loading or unloading.
图3: example protection and guide frame supply unit防护和引导装置

When the automation detects a new pallet is supplied to the supply unit, it will wait for 10 [s]before transferring the pallet to the next buffer unit. This gives the forklift driver the time to safely supply the pallet to the supply unit.
The supply unit will indicate to the fork lift driver how full the input buffer is (e.g. light column indicating how many buffer positions are filled).

3.2 Input buffer (IB)输入缓冲区(IB)   
The buffer units are standard chain driven conveyors as described in 2.4.Each buffer conveyor has a pallet detection system (e.g. sender-receiver with reflector). The pallet is transported to the next position if the next position is free. The motor turns until the pallet is not detected anymore and the motor runs for another 2 seconds (see paragraph 2.4.4).
When the previous buffer position tries to transfer a pallet, the local buffer position also starts to rotate to assure a smooth transfer between the two positions.
The pallet is transferred from the last buffer conveyor to the Vacuum-Welding unit after confirmation by operator–see 3.3.

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