General automation for stretch wrapping machine with packing operator requests

When the plastic bag is clamped the operator pushes a button to start the vacuum-welding sequence. During this cycle the operator checks the vacuum of the previous pallet, see 3.4.2.
• Vacuum cycle begins and when finished the vacuum tube retracts from the plastic bag.
• Welding bar closes and welding cycle begins.
• When sealing cycle is done: clamping bar and welding bar open and VW unit returns to its highest position, making room for the operator.
• Operator folds plastic bag.
• Operator adds cardboard sides.
• When done, operator requests next pallet and the cycle restarts. The pallet is transferred to the buffer position for the vacuum check.

3.4 Vacuum Check Buffer Position真空检查缓冲区
3.4.1 Build-up布局 
This buffer position is similar to the input and output buffers as described in sections 2.4, 3.2 and 3.6. Additional platform is foreseen.

3.4.2 Sequence顺序 
Following sequence is done by operator when the automatic vacuum-welding cycle occurs at the vacuum-welding unit.
• Operator checks if the plastic bag still has its vacuum. The check is similar to what is done now: operator checks visual if the plastic bag still sticks to the spools. If not, the vacuum is lost and there must be a puncture somewhere.
• Operator adds top piece cardboard box only when the plastic bag is not punctured.

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