General automation for stretch wrapping machine and Pallets with damaged bags

3.4.3 Pallets with damaged bags关于袋子破裂的托盘
If the bag is punctured and thus without vacuum, the operator will not add the cardboard top piece. The strapping belt unit will detect with a color sensor if the cardboard top piece is present or not. If not, the strapping belt (and wrapping unit) will skip the pallet.
The forklift driver will see the pallet is not strapped (and wrapped) and will bring the pallet to the (re)packing area instead of the warehouse. The forklift driver will also get a visual warning. The pallet will not be weighed on the output buffer conveyor.

3.5 Belt Strapping Unit捆扎打包机
3.5.1 Build-up布局
The belt strapping unit consists of an automatic single belt strapper. The strapper straps one belt at the time around the pallet. The pallet is rotated multiple times to apply the different straps. Rotating table is under the strapping unit.The unit has 2 pallet detection sensors for the 2 belt positions. The typical length of the installation is 2000 [mm].Belt specifications are mentioned in 1.4.The strapping head is mounted on a movable (up-down) platform. This platform compresses the pallet before strapping. This guarantees the straps do not come loose when the pallets are placed on to each other in the warehouse. The compressing pressure is adjustable between 200 and 600 kg.
The strap tension is adjustable between 80 and 900 [N].
The strap is sealed by a high strength friction-weld seal.

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